Louis Braille’s Quest for Accessibility and Equality

Louis Braille, the man who invented the script for the visually-impaired, was born on 4 January 1809. He hailed from Coupvray, France.  Louis and his three siblings lived with parents Monique Braille and Simon-Rene Braille. When Louis was three, he was playing with in his father’s harness shop when the tool slipped and struck him...

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An Indic View on Ecology & Sustainability

As the coronavirus pandemic locked the largest populations of the world inside their homes, we deliberate about how life would be without much locomotion, now and in the future. Will we be able to come out of this unprecedented moment in history unchanged? We realize that the entire world is in an emergency, but what...

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How Sattvic Food Promotes Holistic Health

It is freezing cold outside and you are woken up with hot tea in your bed. You are tucked under your quilt while your mother rolls out hot paranthas dolloped with desi ghee. You frown. Holidays are over and you are resolute to rid yourself of the tummy fat you’ve gained. “Today I’m only eating...

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Hampi: Stories Set in Stone

A tapestry of stories in stone, Hampi is a forgotten treasure trove of architecture, art and culture. In the southern state of Karnataka, Hampi is a dream come true for story, history, adventure lovers, and even for people who love to walk. It has a lot to offer. Recognised as a UNESCO heritage site, Hampi...

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Chari: A Headful of Pots

It is pitch dark and the charpoys have been spread. The desert heat has made way for a chilly night that one isn’t usually prepared for. The extreme weather makes the inhabitants rugged and tough. Bejeweled women twirl and twist balancing a large number of pots on their heads. They women move defying the laws...

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Qi and the Holistic Concept of Inner Peace

Learn how to incorporate an all-round health perspective into your daily life, especially when study and work keep you busy. It’s easy to ignore our health when we are busy; whether that is during exam preparations or insane deadlines. Ironically, that is when the body needs the most attention and care. And it’s more important...

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The Mystical & Lyrical Magic of Bengal’s Bauls

Their locks travel down their waist and they are clad in saffron or white. They walk around, aloof from the world, plucking their single-stringed instrument. Their earthy voices fill the air and they harmonise with the chirping of birds as they melt with the rhythm of the soil. They are mystical and whimsical and fall...

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