Teen Invents Wearable Tech Device for Safe Social Distancing

At a time when most teenagers are finding ways to adjust to the new normal and consuming binge-worthy online content, 15-year-old Neha Shukla is taking over Nasdaq screens, New York Times, and various internet platforms for her innovation called, ‘SixFeetApart’. She has developed a motion-sensing wearable technology device, containing ultrasonic sensors and buzzers. It can...

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Expert Insights on Careers in Healthcare

Whenever we fall sick or feel discomfort we rush to the doctors. We may not listen to others’ advice about keeping good health, but when we are advised by doctors, we quickly realise the downfall of taking our health for granted.  “Jaan hai to jahan hai!” We have heard this phrase time and again. But...

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Decoding Holistic Health & Soulful Living

Being healthy has often been linked to having a healthy body. Most of the time, we tend to connote a healthy body with a certain weight and appearance. However, health has a holistic meaning that consists of various aspects, such as physical fitness, emotional balance, mental health, and spiritual growth. In 1948, the World Health...

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