Cooking: An Art & Life Skill

It is often said that a true foodie is someone who enjoys eating, cooking, and serving food. To know only to eat without knowing to cook, or to savor delicacies without knowing what creates a particular taste, is to know food incompletely. The understanding of food, tastes, and the significance is, thus, best realised by...

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Farming & Agriculture as Entrepreneurship

Farming has remained an integral part of the culture in the Indian subcontinent, with agriculture serving as the backbone of the economy for several decades. However, farming as an occupation has subsided with every generation. While many farmers migrate to cities for better jobs, others are burdened by the scourge of poverty and debt.  Today,...

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Superfood: Super Health or Super Sales?

“Superfoods for weight loss”, “Superfoods for a healthy diet”, “The best superfoods and power foods for winter” – such headlines that are increasingly populating our screens in recent times. Superfood has become a buzzword in the health industry, so much so that a new food item is crowned as a superfood almost on an almost...

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6 Interesting Career Options for Foodies

If you are a foodie and want to make a career in and around the world of food, you don’t necessarily have to be the best in cooking or baking, you could love food and make a profession around it inside or outside a kitchen. Here are a few paths to discover yourself as an...

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Indian Food and the Masala of Life

If we were to send you on an Indian food sojourn, how many days would you really need to just taste all the varieties of food items that can be found in India? Difficult to comprehend, right?  India is known for its uniquely diverse food culture and the habits pertaining to it. Unlike the fine...

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