The Tides of Tomorrow: A Poem

A young poet uses observation, imagery, and rhyme to communicate her clarion call for a sustainable and livable world. Read on!  Tomorrow, I see the world falling apart, The last drop of water given to the last loyal heart, Innocent souls handed no mercy at all, We’ve killed our sweet planet; simply letting it fall....

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Lessons from the Mahabharata: A Student’s Perspective

In one of our short courses, Lessons from the Mahabharata, students learned communication skills, decision-making abilities, and critical thinking through stories from the ancient Indian epic. Read on as Ojuswini shares some beautiful learnings that have enriched her life. Never be an egoist: It is the first step of destroying yourself If in the Mahabharata,...

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9 Sports & Games from the Ancient Indian Knowledge System

Much like arts, sports are not time-bound. Sports that appear contemporary have had their origins in ancient civilisations, not only as recreational activities but also as a way of life. Sport was seen as an avenue to hone children’s physical strength and soft skills. It symbolised human virtues, such as commitment, dedication, awareness, empathy, and...

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Indian Teen Creates “Eyes in the Sky” for Soldiers

Our soldiers nobly fight to protect our freedom and to guard those who can’t defend themselves. Motivated to help the Indian forces from harm’s way, a teenager developed an innovative solution.  Source 16-year-old Harshwardhansinh Zala from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has invented a drone called EAGLE A7 to detect active landmines. In warfare, anti-personnel and anti-tank mines...

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Indian Fauj: It’s Not Just Muscular Strength

Ever since his teenage years, Shyam was fascinated by the sound of the fighter jets sweeping through the wind, somewhere above the clouds. Anytime he saw a movie watching soldiers fighting it out on the border, he could be seen jumping around his bed enacting the scenes. After their final board examinations, Shyam and his...

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The Ethos of the Indian Armed Forces

Donning their uniform of service, and sacrifice, Eyes always brimming with a sense of selfless pride; Always on the front, standing tall together in a bind, One for all and all for one, in soul, body, and mind; They rise above to touch the sky with glory,  Setting an example of living life, &  not...

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The Forces Behind the Forces

We all want our family members to be safe and happy. For people who have family members in the defence forces, this feeling is a constant feeling and concern. We explored this perspective with some parents, spouses, and kids from army families. Read to know how the conversations panned out.  The father of an officer...

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