The Tale of Warrior Robots from Ancient India

It may seem hard to believe but stories of robots have been around from the time of Buddha. This particular narrative is set in the mid-400 BCE. The fable goes that Buddha entrusted King Ajatasatru with defending his relics. Ajatasatru was well-known for his military inventions, including powerful catapults called Bahubali Clips and a mechanised...

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Childhood Development & Education in a Tech World

Technological applications for school children have become quite popular of late. Since today’s children are digital natives and smartphones have already found their way into their hands, it is crucial to get behind the implications and understand how classroom implementation can be improved by embracing this change.  Here are some snippets from our conversation with...

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Science in the Golden Age of Innovation

Through the long, winding months of the lockdown, the sibling-duo Raghav and Raya had attended numerous online classes, submitted countless assignments, and tried every hobby imaginable. Recently, Raghav joined an informal after-school learning group to break the monotony, where he got the opportunity to implement a science-based project. Confused about where to start, he decided...

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