Human Body: The Most Advanced Science

Nothing is a more real and humbling experience than shaping a life within you. From the moment of knowing that I have a new life in my body to nurturing it through my body – the entire journey has filled me with immense emotions, experiences, and transformations. The value of motherhood can’t be expressed in...

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The Links Between Science & Spirituality

For many years science and spirituality were believed to be of contradictory nature, but they   are  sides of the same coin –  embossing mystery and curiosity. While science explores the mysteries of physical energy, spirituality unveils the energies that we carry within us, often navigating through similar principles. The missile man of India, Dr....

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A Palette Prompt: Picture Essay By Our Young Delegate

At Pluskul, we believe in nurturing and encouraging creative pursuits of our young learners. The following entry was submitted by one of our delegates to communicate a powerful message. What a messy palette it must have been when God was painting all of us. Look at that Royal Bengal Tiger flexing his vigorous royal charm....

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Expert Insights on Careers in Sustainability

Sustainable development as a professional field is vast and diverse. Students have a wide range of career options, from becoming scientists and engineers to environmental lawyers and civil society practitioners. The editorial team sat down with Dr. Girija K Bharat to delve into the specifics. Read on.  Please take us through your professional journey? How...

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How Mango Embodies the Festive Spirit of India

Did you know that “Amra-Phal” is one of the earliest known names given to mango? Vedic literature mentions it as “Rasala’‘ and “Sahakara”. Upon reaching South India, it came to be known by the names “Aam-Kay” and “Maamkaay” in Tamil, and as “Maanga” in Malayali. Later, it was the Portuguese who called the fruit Mango. ...

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Ascending to the Bounds of Physiology

Mount Everest is a place of history, culture, and community. For those who want to scale the highest point on the planet, the Base Camp is a starting station. Life at camp has unique challenges in and of itself, but it is a rewarding experience that stays with you for a lifetime.  The following essay...

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Go & Gather: Creative Ways to Blend Family Time & Education

We have all chased our curiosity on online search engines – hopping from one Wikipedia page to another, trying to make sense of the inter-relationships, and winding up in places we never imagined. What if we introduced you to some ways of replicating this in the physical world? Parents can utilise in-car conversations and road...

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