We are a modern gurukul that envisions schooling to move from educating for a career to preparing children for life.

Students learn in a physical studio with a mentor supplemented by online learning from global experts. We currently offer courses, workshops, contests, magazines, travel expeditions, and other learning experiences to 10 to 15-year-olds. All programs are certified and delivered by renowned and experienced faculty.

Our Aim?

To Enable Leaders, Changemakers & Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow
  • Allow children to grow at three levels of YOGI, CREATIVE, EXPONENTIAL.
  • Infuse the ‘holistic’ dimension and ‘life skills’ approach in the education system.
  • Add deliver the ‘Plus’ advantage to learners with quality certifications and credits.
Our Philosophy & Pedagogy

The ‘Rooted & Free’ philosophy flows through the classroom environment & teaching methodologies at Pluskul.
We engage learners in fun activities, expert interactions, and reflective discussions, giving them ownership and
freedom over their journey of growing holistically.

Ready For Life

Make Learning a Lifestyle





Our Values

Pluskul Curriculum Framework

Technology and industry will keep on evolving. But some higher-order skills will be relevant even after 50 years. Pluskul’s curriculum equips children with such YOGI, CREATIVE, and EXPONENTIAL skills for life. 


• Ayurvedic way of living

• Ecology

Self Awareness

• Inquire, contemplation and Authentic thinking

• Emotional Intelligence

• Understand and use attention


• Rigour and perseverance

• Openness to learn and adopt

• Planning abilities

• Self descipline

Social Intelligence

• Collaboration

• Empathy



Aesthetic Sense

• Gracefulness

• Appreciation

• Harmony

• Define & create

• Pattern

Design Thinking

• Research, curiosity

• Ideation, prioritisation, compilation

• Problem: Define, Identify & solve


• Listening research

• Reading writing

• Public speaking


Technology Awareness

• Technical Knowledge

• Innovation


Career Awareness

• Career readiness

Global Affairs

• History, Institutions & values building the society


World View

• India’s journey in the global space


Our Notable Speakers

Founding Team & Advisors