The BuJo: Bullet Journaling for Teen Beginners

Our readers are supremely smart, and this write-up on Bullet Journal by Prakruthi Chari, a 15-year-old from Bangalore, demonstrates that. Read her submission below to get awe-inspired by her eye to detail.  Daily planner? Too rigid. The monthly planner? Too vague. The yearly planner? Too stressful (when you’re in January, December is three millennia away)....

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Calligraphy Writing for Kids: A Visual Art with Rhythm

Feeling stressed? Practising the beautiful art form of calligraphy could help you. Writing lessons for kids are relaxing exercises to learn and unwind.  What is Calligraphy? Calligraphy is a visual art of designer writing. It is an artistic process of developing beautiful symbols by hand and arranging the words with integrity, harmony, and rhythm. The...

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Hampi: Stories Set in Stone

A tapestry of stories in stone, Hampi is a forgotten treasure trove of architecture, art and culture. In the southern state of Karnataka, Hampi is a dream come true for story, history, adventure lovers, and even for people who love to walk. It has a lot to offer. Recognised as a UNESCO heritage site, Hampi...

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Chari: A Headful of Pots

It is pitch dark and the charpoys have been spread. The desert heat has made way for a chilly night that one isn’t usually prepared for. The extreme weather makes the inhabitants rugged and tough. Bejeweled women twirl and twist balancing a large number of pots on their heads. They women move defying the laws...

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The Mystical & Lyrical Magic of Bengal’s Bauls

Their locks travel down their waist and they are clad in saffron or white. They walk around, aloof from the world, plucking their single-stringed instrument. Their earthy voices fill the air and they harmonise with the chirping of birds as they melt with the rhythm of the soil. They are mystical and whimsical and fall...

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Know About Ujjain’s Musicians: The Gundecha Brothers

The oldest surviving classical style of Hindustani (or North Indian) vocal music, dhrupad, derives its name is from dhruva-pada, simply meaning “refrain.” It denotes a form of poetry and a style of music in which the poetry is sung. Dhrupad means sure-footedness and is said to have four broad stylistic variants (vanis or banis) –...

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Ajrakh Designs: The Lasting Imprints of Indian Heritage

Ajrakh block printing has its origins in the Indus Valley Civilization. Tracing its history tells us a lot about its evolution to date.  Ajrakh, meaning blue in Arabic, is said to signify the universe which is believed to be an interplay of vibrant hues of the color palette: color red for the earth, black for...

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