Life Skills | Communication | Decision-Making
9+ Years | 11 sessions
Combine heritage knowledge with the real-world application, build skills for life.


Chanakya was an extraordinary statesman with a clear vision and the brilliance to execute it. His enigmatic life holds various lessons for school life and beyond. This online course aims to communicate 28 life skills based on the contributions of this legendary personality from ancient India.


Learning Objectives

Key Skills


Dialogue Writing | Debating | Case Study | Simulation Exercise | Presentation

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    Mentor Profile

    Toral Shah is a new-age educationist leading several initiatives in Hyderabad, India. Toral strongly believes that children should enjoy learning and employs a variety of innovative teaching methods to make it fun for her students. She is an MBA graduate from Mumbai University.

    Educator Children’s Author, Storyteller


    All the sessions were very engaging and enriching. Through this course, I have learned how to articulate and express my views. I have gained knowledge about history, especially the life of Chanakya and his thought process.

    Ojuswini, Student

    The name and content itself intrigued me. I am so glad I made Aarav join this course. The way ma’am related the sessions with practical situations in the present world was very enriching for Aarav and me. I can see a boost in his confidence. He is asking more questions and giving his insights and perspectives as well.

    Ekta Goel, Parent