We believe that education is a continuous and lifelong process. By undergoing holistic education, children become productive and responsible members of society. 

Not only can they earn a livelihood but they also rise above self interest. They acquire knowledge about cultural heritage, environmental and social issues. And finally, they apply their skills to contribute to the community at large. 

Pluskul offers community learning opportunities to enable this transformation. 

Engage With Us

  • Introduce students to simple daily practices connected to human and global development
  • Integrate meaningful instruction and learning experiences to solve problems that affect us all
  • Create champions of change, entrepreneurs, and leaders who go above and beyond to advance the public good

Past Community Learning Programs

Everyday Environmentalism: A Workshop in Hyderabad with 35 School Students
Experts Utsow Pradhan, Reena George, and Anju Arora took students on a journey of taking everyday steps to lead a life of sustainability.  Held at an organic cafe, the workshop focused on  the art of home composting, managing plastic waste, building eco-bricks, making bio-enzymes, learning about menstrual hygiene, and lifestyle environmentalism. It ended with a pleasant nature walk and a token of 30 saplings to the students.