Objective Analysis | Personal Development | Workplace Skills

12+ Years | 5 Sessions

Identify skill gaps, build critical thinking for personal and professional life. 


Critical thinking skills give a logical structure to our thoughts, help us reason, and communicate ideas in an organised and persuasive manner. This course aims to nurture these capabilities at the school level.

Learning Objectives

Key Skills


Live Lecture | Interaction | Mentorship | Self Analysis | Skill Application

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    Mentor Profile

    Dr. Madhulika Sagaram is a PhD from Texas A&M University. She has 15 years of experience in social and leadership development. She also holds advanced academic degrees in environmental plant science, education and human resource development.


    I liked that the children remained busy in the lockdown with this course. They gained knowledge and new skills, and we are very thankful for that.

    Parent of Course Participant

    All the sessions of the Critical Thinking course were very interactive. The speaker was also very supportive and enthusiastic. The activities organised for us to do were very creative, too. Overall, I had a great time!

    Olivia Toh, Student

    It was a great opportunity to be with all the other participants. The course made us learn things apart from the normal school stuff.

    Tanvi Mangla, Student