Environmental Awareness | Waste Management | Eco-preneurship

12+ Years | 5 Sessions

Learn about the natural environment, sustainable food production, alternatives for plastic, composting at home, making bio enzymes, and more.


Ecosystems and natural systems function similarly to the human body. They are less likely to be sources of diseases when they are robust and healthy. To conserve and preserve Mother Nature in all its glory, we need to equip the younger generation with actionable knowledge. And this course is an effort to do just that.

This course aims to equip Gen Z with a 21st century toolkit of knowledge and practical skills necessary for the ever-evolving realities of modern times.


Learning Objectives

Key Skills


Live Lecture | Discussion | Demonstration | Assignments | Exercises 

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    Mentor Profile

    Utsow Pradhan is the Founder Director of Tieedi, a zero-waste, regenerative permaculture forest garden in Darjeeling. It is an upcoming eco-learning centre with working models of natural buildings, natural farming, water harvesting and regenerative waste management. Also within two years of it’s launch, it stood out as the No. 1 ranked specialty lodging in Darjeeling. Prior to finding his calling in Permaculture, Mr Utsow Pradhan worked as a Product Head in Next Education India Pvt. Ltd. an e-learning solutions provider based out of Hyderabad. Apart from forestry, he has many other talents to his credit including trekking, writing short stories and trail running.