Getting Ideas Across

Communication | Public Speaking | Workplace Skills
14+ Years | 4 Sessions
Four-part workshop series to create confident writers, orators, team players, and digital communicators.


Communication is one the most prominent 21st century skills. It is all the more important to clearly convey our ideas in the digital age, where text-based and visual communications (emails, social media, videos, etc.) are commonplace. 

This course comprises four comprehensive workshops to guide students’ personal and professional development.


Learning Objectives

Key Skills


PowerPoint | Case Study | Storytelling | Speech | Worksheets

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    The sessions were insightful and relevant. I particularly enjoyed participating in the activities and learning through workshop assignments.

    Shwetha Jain | Student, Cresta College, Mysuru

    We organised this online certification program in Communication to support our students’ holistic learning. Such courses provide a much-needed touchpoint to fulfil various needs of the industry that may not be met by standard curriculum.

    Kaushik Akiwatkar | Dean, Cresta College, Mysuru