Introduction To Indian Crafts

Art & Craft | Cultural Understanding | Imagination
9+ Years | 5 Sessions
Discover Indian heritage, know about local crafts, create your own artworks.


Different regions and linguistic states of India have their own handmade crafts, weaves, folk arts, and foods. Due to increased migration to urban areas, not many are aware of the work of traditional craftspeople and artisans. This course attempts to introduce children to the rich cultural heritage of India, making them aware of six local crafts and opportunities in the creative economy.

Learning Objectives

Key Skills


PPT lectures | Interactive Discussion | Reading | Short Videos | Skill Application 

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    Mentor Profile

    Shonan Sharma is a Young India Fellow, with a deep expertise and passion for Indian Heritage and a professional training in the Indian Classical Odissi Dance. Her immense enthusiasm for Indian Crafts stems from her childhood love for traditional crafts, textiles and weaves of India, which has led her to work as an Executive Assistant to the world renowned designer and scenographer Padma Bhushan Shri Rajeev Sethi.


    I learned about many forms of crafts and the hard work that goes into creating them. I loved the classes. THe course helped me gain confidence and developed my personality.

    Ankita Srivastava, Student

    I could not have made Yashveer sit even for 10 minutes to sketch or paint anything. But this course made him work on his deliverable. I was amazed to see the artwork of all delegates.

    Parent of a Course Participant