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We aim to revolutionise K12 education by creating a new learning environment for the 21st century.
Mentor-led learning is the central part of our integrated education model.

What Pluskul Mentors Do

The role of a Pluskul mentor is to ensure that the curriculum is delivered adequately and students achieve the learning objectives.
As a mentor, you will work with students aged 10-15 years, engaging them in meaningful discussions and activities and providing an open space to share and ask questions.

You will promote the holistic development of children and build ‘Plus’ attributes necessary for lifelong learning and growth.


Who Should Apply

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Remuneration and Location

Pluskul aims to offer a holistic learning environment via offline interactions with mentors supplemented by online learning from global experts. As a mentor, you can set up a centre in your location (based on the number of students enrolled), else utilise the nearest Pluskul centre to conduct your sessions. 

You will be compensated with a certain percentage of the revenue based on the minimum commitment hours. We also give you the chance to become an entrepreneur by setting up a centre at the place of your choice. Pluskul mentors can multiply their income by sharing up to 30% of the revenue generated from the centre.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is Pluskul?

    Pluskul offers a hybrid learning experience through a physical Gurukul setup and online modules supplemented by in-person mentorship. Our model engages students in fun activities, expert interactions, and reflective discussions to create self-aware individuals, change agents, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We aim to develop ‘Plus’ attributes that enable all children to be Rooted & Free. 

    How does learning happen there?

    Technology and industry will keep on evolving. But some higher-order skills will be relevant even after 50 years. Pluskul’s curriculum equips children with such YOGI, CREATIVE, and EXPONENTIAL skills for life. Our courses are delivered via online modules, peer group and community engagement, and dedicated personalised mentorship at the learning centres.

    Which courses are offered by Pluskul?

    Pluskul offers courses that address the gaps in the conventional curriculum and these cover life skills in keeping with the evolving needs. We have ready-made learning packages on topics like Public Leadership, Public Speaking, Emotional Intelligence, Logical Thinking, among others.

    What does the course structure look like?

    Every Pluskul course is divided into 4-5 modules. Each module contains 3-4 online videos, worksheets with interactive activities, and take-home assignments. Mentors can deliver the courses in the learning centre in multiple sessions. Their effort should be to ensure a seamless learning experience between the digital and offline components of the courses. 

    What is my role in the learning process?
    • The mentor is the central point in the learning process.
    • The students will complete the online learning modules, workbooks, and tasks.
    • The workbooks are reflective. Mentors need to discuss these reflections with students and help them deepen their learnings.
    • To make the learning process more engaging, mentors should organise peer group activities and community group activities.
    • Mentors should ensure that the digital as well as at the centre learning are connected and aligned.
    • Students should complete courses within the timelines and levels suggested.
    How will the central team help me?
    • The central team will guide you with the content and activities to be conducted with the student. 
    • We will be available to discuss your concerns and share possible solutions.
    • We will provide you with a tracker to stay updated about students’  growth and ensure that they grow as holistic beings with new and deeper perspectives.
    • All mentors will be part of a more extensive network of mentors and interact with each other to grow.
    How will I get compensated? What is the revenue sharing model?
    • Mentors will receive a certain percentage of revenue based on minimum commitment hours.
    • Mentors can multiply their income by setting up a centre and sharing 30% of the revenue generated through the learning centre.
    • The mentor pays the cost of rent or property maintenance and management.
    • The interiors, equipment, and other necessary items required for holistic learning are paid for by Pluskul.
    What is the assurance that the learning centre will be thriving?
    • Mentors can set up a learning centre in a place of their choice or utilise the nearest Pluskul centre to conduct the sessions. 
    • The surety lies with the mentor or the person leading the learning centre.
    • If you believe in the idea and want to execute it, we have the readymade product for you to scale.
    What are the benefits?
    • The benefit of being a mentor at Pluskul is that you are an entrepreneur with the product in hand to scale.
    • You may start multiple learning centres as the demand and requirement increase. All of this is entirely in your hands.
    • You have a chance to impact the next generation’s life while being sustainable with the finances.
    • You interact with global peers and learn through a vast network of experts.
    • Your growth is in your hands. You may open and manage as many learning centres as you want to.
    I can't teach all the courses. How does it work out with the students?
    • The role of the mentor is not to teach. Instead, it is to ensure that the content is delivered positively and adequately. The students should imbibe the objective of each course through various activities and reflection done with you.
    • You have to engage them in the activities and help them reflect on all that they do.
    Under what circumstances will I be removed from the mentorship?
    • If you fail to follow the guidelines set by the Pluskul team.
    • If you are unable to get more than ten students in 6 months.
    • If there are regular complaints by the students about your behaviour.
    If I have to take leave for some time, how does it work out?
    • As long as you can accommodate all the classes of students, leave for a certain period is allowed.
    • If you wish to take a leave longer than one month, you are expected to appoint another mentor (approved by the central team) for the time you are unavailable.
    • The policy places students at the core, ensuring that they don’t miss out on the essential aspects of the journey.
    How will the revenue be disbursed?

    Revenue will be disbursed every month based on the number of enrolments in the learning centre.

    How do we keep track of our students?
    • Through a web/mobile application provided by the central office.
    • Till we develop the application, we will use an Excel sheet.
    Who is responsible for bringing students?
    • It will be a joint effort between the central team and the mentor.
    • The central team will invest in branding, getting leads, and generating awareness.
    • Mentors should connect with local people, conduct workshops, and interact with students.
    • Calls for the city and demo sessions are to be conducted by the mentor.
    Who is responsible for the discipline of students?

    Mentors will ensure that the students maintain discipline for content, assignments, project completion etc. The central team will assist in this process as and when required.

    What will be the primary language for communication?

    All digital handbooks are currently in the English language. Mentors may use local language to connect better with the students.

    What skills are required?
    • The mentor should be an experienced and thoughtful leader with an approach to assist in the growth and development of children, acting as a guide and role model.
    • Preferred candidates should have worked with children between the ages of 10 and 15 years to engage the students in meaningful discussions and provide an open space for sharing ideas and asking questions.
    • Mentors should have an entrepreneurial mindset to think and plan new activities, engage the students in innovative tasks, and connect learning to the family and positive community contribution.
    Is there a minimum educational qualification needed?
    • You are qualified to apply as a mentor as long as you can interact with the students.
    • Ideal candidates are skilled individuals in the 23-35 age group with graduate degrees from premier institutions. 
    Can I modify the course content?
    • The course content cannot be modified.
    • There is 20% scope in every course for mentors to introduce and teach concepts based on the context.
    Where can I open the Learning Centre?
    • Learning centres can be opened at any safe and comfortable place to accommodate 25 students. 
    • The space should have an adequate area for students to move around and engage in free play.
    • The learning centre could be in your house, inside a school, community centre, or any other suitable location.