Minimini Yuva

Creativity | Literary Skills | Artistic Expression
12+ Years | 6 Sessions
Explore your creative side by engaging with art, music, short stories, and more.


An exploration of creativity through storytelling, art-response, creative journaling, music, and different genres of literature such as – short story, excerpts from novels, poetry, plays etc.

Learning Objectives

Key Skills


Creative Demonstration | Storytelling | Engagement Activities | Home Tasks | Participant Presentations

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    Mentor Profile

    Deepa Kiran is an award-winning storyteller, educationalist, TEDx speaker, writer and voice-over artist. Deepa has worked with over 1 lakh students and 45,000 teachers in India and other countries. She is the founder of Story Arts Foundation. Her teacher-training video for UGC, National Television won the Best E-Content of the year award.