There is no formula to parenting. But every parent tries their best to take care of their children physically, mentally, and emotionally. This takes a lot of work. Every. Single. Day. 

Pluskul works with you to build your child’s success story, however you may define it. How? By crafting and curating quality educational resources for creative and cultural learning.

Online courses, workshops, magazines, blogs, webinars, contests, travel experiences, community events – you name it, and we have something to help you grow. All programs are certified and delivered by experienced faculty and facilitators.

Here’s what parents say about us

Thank you for motivating & encouraging kids and building their confidence. After joining the course, we felt that our child really picked up new skills. A teacher has a very important role in what and how to teach – the mentor did that very well. The assignment topics were socially responsible. If at this age, they can speak about such topics and become more aware, they are likely to grow with that knowledge and carry this learning with them. 

– Dharmendra Mishra

The way ma’am related the sessions with practical situations in the present world was very enriching. I can see a boost in my child’s confidence. He is asking more questions and giving his insights and perspectives as well.

– Ekta Goel