While school educators understand the value of all-round development, they often get overwhelmed with completing syllabus and grading exams. Pluskul addresses the learning gaps in keeping with the evolving needs. 

We offer supplementary courses involving interactive workshops, activities, and expert sessions on topics like Public Leadership, Public Speaking, Family & Community Learning, Emotional Intelligence, Logical Thinking, among others. The programs are delivered in multiple 40 minute sessions, conducted in the school premises at a mutually decided time. 

Collaborate With Us

  • Allow your students to grow at three levels of YOGI, CREATIVE & EXPONENTIAL
  • Embed community learning and sustainable values in your school curriculum
  • Infuse the ‘holistic’ dimension and ‘life skills’ approach in your school with zero investment
  • Add the ‘Plus’ advantage to your students’ profiles with extra certifications and credits
  • Stand out in the parents’ eyes by offering research-backed courses and opportunities