Go Beyond Traditional Binders With Digital Portfolios

Your portfolio is a narrative of your growth. Crafting it yourself can equip you with skills relevant for both personal and professional development.  What is a student portfolio? It is a compilation of a student’s work, performance, and achievements. In today’s connected world, it has become pertinent to have digital profiles in today’s connected world...

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Ascending to the Bounds of Physiology

Mount Everest is a place of history, culture, and community. For those who want to scale the highest point on the planet, the Base Camp is a starting station. Life at camp has unique challenges in and of itself, but it is a rewarding experience that stays with you for a lifetime.  The following essay...

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The Universe of the Puranas

This blog features insights from author Ganesh Swaminathan. After completing his engineering from IIT Delhi and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, he spent most of his professional life in a multinational organisation in the field of technology. About eight years ago, he developed an interest in the Puranas. He was fascinated by the insights the ancient...

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Science in the Golden Age of Innovation

Through the long, winding months of the lockdown, the sibling-duo Raghav and Raya had attended numerous online classes, submitted countless assignments, and tried every hobby imaginable. Recently, Raghav joined an informal after-school learning group to break the monotony, where he got the opportunity to implement a science-based project. Confused about where to start, he decided...

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Young Scientists Series: Rifath Sharook’s Journey

The editorial team at IGenPlus strives to highlight unique learning experiences and stories of change. Here’s our interview with Rifath Sharook, who created the world’s smallest, lightest, and low-cost nano satellite along with his team at Space Kidz India (SKI). How has your journey at SKI unfolded? SKI turned my life upside-down, making so many...

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In Conversation with the Founder of Space Kidz India

Space Kidz India (SKI) is a leading Science and Technology incubator. SKI has been helping children reach out to the stars for a decade now, with the aim to create the next generation of scientific thinkers in India. Through its experiential educational programs, innovative collaborations, and extensive research, SKI is striving for a borderless society,...

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How Cultural Entrepreneurship is Rooting for India’s Creative Footprint

Culture has been a very integral part of our lives, more so in India, personally and collectively as a society. The Indian creative industries have thrived for thousands of years, and India has quintessentially been a land of knowledge creators, seekers, and preservers. Elaborate texts on various subjects including aesthetics, economy, arts, and culture have...

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