Science in the Golden Age of Innovation

Through the long, winding months of the lockdown, the sibling-duo Raghav and Raya had attended numerous online classes, submitted countless assignments, and tried every hobby imaginable. Recently, Raghav joined an informal after-school learning group to break the monotony, where he got the opportunity to implement a science-based project. Confused about where to start, he decided...

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Musical Trails with School Students

Indian Music Experience (IME) is a one-of-a-kind museum in Karnataka that explores the evolution of Indian music with interactive, multi-sensory exhibits. Head to Bnagalore’s JP Nagar to witness internationally-designed galleries and artefacts and listen to soulful classical music and contemporary fusion, all in one place. It is a great place to introduce children to the...

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In Conversation With Indian Music Producer Sai Shravanam

We think we listen to music through our ears but our brain, our entire body can take in the vibrations. Music is sound, the sound is vibration. Various points of your spine receive these vibrations, along with your pituitary gland, giving rise to different emotions. Here is the inside story from the music studio of...

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Ghatam Giridhar Udupa on plugging in to the cadence inside us

Giridhar Udupa is a world-renowned percussionist and a global ambassador of Ghatam, one of the most ancient musical instruments of India. Termed as “the king of pot music” by Rave magazine, he is part of the ‘Layatharanga’ team of Indian classical musicians who have set out to blend different forms of classical, folk, and world...

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How the Ragas Infuse Colour in Daily Life

Picture playing any string instrument in an empty room. Imagine it vibrating the air at a specific frequency, the music flying through the air, reaching your ears, moving some liquids in there, and firing up the same vibrations in the neurons of your brain. It is a classic example of how music “colours the mind”....

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The Musical Journey of a Teen Digital Creator

We asked some of our readers to share their experiences with music and discovered this interesting story shared by 16-year-old Divij. Read on!  Ever since I was a kid, music always had an immense impact on my life, whether it was school assemblies, family get-togethers, or simply car journeys with the radio playing. From Imagine...

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Soft Power at the Micro Level: Influences at the Grassroots

When we think of soft power, we picture strong world leaders who advocate for change, uphold the values of their respective countries, and showcase the unique abilities of their people. But soft power is also at play within smaller communities and grassroots organizations.  At the local level, soft power is again shaped by cultural norms,...

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