Expert Insights on Careers in Healthcare

Whenever we fall sick or feel discomfort we rush to the doctors. We may not listen to others’ advice about keeping good health, but when we are advised by doctors, we quickly realise the downfall of taking our health for granted.  “Jaan hai to jahan hai!” We have heard this phrase time and again. But...

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Decoding Holistic Health & Soulful Living

Being healthy has often been linked to having a healthy body. Most of the time, we tend to connote a healthy body with a certain weight and appearance. However, health has a holistic meaning that consists of various aspects, such as physical fitness, emotional balance, mental health, and spiritual growth. In 1948, the World Health...

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Icon of Hindi Poetry: Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

“Pen is mightier than the sword.” Many authors and poets throughout history have proven this statement. The inspiring words and captivating stories that a writer nurtures and creates, often become a source of motivation and guidance for readers. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar was one such writer whose words have continued to inspire many generations.  Born on...

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The Creative Diary of a ‘Quaranteen’

Here’s a poem by a teenager, who penned down her personal experiences during the lockdown period of the COVID-19 pandemic in India. Read to find out how she applied her creativity to express her emotions and thoughts.  The Challenge that Brought Out the Best in Me Freaked out over the final exams Reading and revising...

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Careers Corner: Being at NASA is Not All Science

If you want to fly, whether in the sky or beyond, aerospace is the field for you. Aerospace is as vast professionally as is the universe itself. There are very few fields where there aren’t potential aerospace applications. The obvious ones are your engineering degrees, of course, and physics, chemistry, biology, and math. But one...

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World’s Youngest Astronaut in Training

At the age of 19, Alyssa Carson, is one of the world’s youngest astronauts in training. She is the youngest person to graduate from the Advanced Space Academy and most likely to be one of the first humans on Mars. A Teenager’s Journey to NASA Alyssa is also the only person in the world to...

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Out and Proud: Teenage and Self-Acceptance

Ayushi, Feature Correspondent at The Pioneer, weaves this story of embracing all kinds of love.  Growing up has never been easy, be it the year 1880 or 2020. Teenagers have always found it difficult to identify themselves. Even if they do, vulnerability comes into play. They might judge themselves for feeling a certain way, which...

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