Indian Rishis & Their Space Odysseys

Humans have travelled into space essentially to explore it and to gain knowledge of it so that we understand ourselves and our place in the universe much better. However, our relationship with space and celestial bodies is not just a modern discovery but goes back to ancient India. The sages of antiquity were one of...

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Why the Future Needs Feminine Workplaces

Employing more women is believed to be one of the biggest factors to help propel the GDP with lasting trans-generational positive impact. There is a very high probability that you’re reading this while practising social distancing, or while under some type of advised or enforced lockdown — essential measures devised to help combat the spread...

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Lockdown Learnings: Essay from an 11th Grader

The long period of COVID-enforced lockdown forced us to take a pause from our high-paced routines, introspect, and reflect. To understand what teenagers have been thinking about during this time, we conducted an Essay Writing Competition on ‘Self Reflection’. A grade 11 student from New Delhi submitted an interesting essay and went on to be...

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Using Technology for Social Impact

I completed my 5 years dual degree from IIT Roorkee and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge. During my studies, the advanced infrastructure and equipment available to me at these institutions made me realise the dearth of resources in my school back in India.  I realised that in India, there are many educational...

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Calligraphy Writing for Kids: A Visual Art with Rhythm

Feeling stressed? Practising the beautiful art form of calligraphy could help you. Writing lessons for kids are relaxing exercises to learn and unwind.  What is Calligraphy? Calligraphy is a visual art of designer writing. It is an artistic process of developing beautiful symbols by hand and arranging the words with integrity, harmony, and rhythm. The...

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Louis Braille’s Quest for Accessibility and Equality

Louis Braille, the man who invented the script for the visually-impaired, was born on 4 January 1809. He hailed from Coupvray, France.  Louis and his three siblings lived with parents Monique Braille and Simon-Rene Braille. When Louis was three, he was playing with in his father’s harness shop when the tool slipped and struck him...

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The Mystical & Lyrical Magic of Bengal’s Bauls

Their locks travel down their waist and they are clad in saffron or white. They walk around, aloof from the world, plucking their single-stringed instrument. Their earthy voices fill the air and they harmonise with the chirping of birds as they melt with the rhythm of the soil. They are mystical and whimsical and fall...

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