How the Ragas Infuse Colour in Daily Life

Picture playing any string instrument in an empty room. Imagine it vibrating the air at a specific frequency, the music flying through the air, reaching your ears, moving some liquids in there, and firing up the same vibrations in the neurons of your brain. It is a classic example of how music “colours the mind”....

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Decoding India’s Soft Power & Meaning of Namaste

When Joseph Nye first introduced the concept of “soft power” in the late 1980s, he termed it the “ability to influence the behaviour of others and get the outcomes you want.” In other words, soft power focuses on co-opting people rather than coercing them. It is a pull or attraction, resting on three resources: culture,...

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Khadi Textile: Past, Present, Future

Did you know that the official Indian flag is manufactured and sold by a group of women in Karnataka? The unit is called ‘Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha’ or KKGSS, the only federation entrusted with the responsibility by the government. Since the national flag cannot have any variation in size, shape, colour, or thread count...

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Young Scientists Series: Rifath Sharook’s Journey

The editorial team at IGenPlus strives to highlight unique learning experiences and stories of change. Here’s our interview with Rifath Sharook, who created the world’s smallest, lightest, and low-cost nano satellite along with his team at Space Kidz India (SKI). How has your journey at SKI unfolded? SKI turned my life upside-down, making so many...

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In Conversation with the Founder of Space Kidz India

Space Kidz India (SKI) is a leading Science and Technology incubator. SKI has been helping children reach out to the stars for a decade now, with the aim to create the next generation of scientific thinkers in India. Through its experiential educational programs, innovative collaborations, and extensive research, SKI is striving for a borderless society,...

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How Cultural Entrepreneurship is Rooting for India’s Creative Footprint

Culture has been a very integral part of our lives, more so in India, personally and collectively as a society. The Indian creative industries have thrived for thousands of years, and India has quintessentially been a land of knowledge creators, seekers, and preservers. Elaborate texts on various subjects including aesthetics, economy, arts, and culture have...

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A Delightful Fusion of History & Family Time

Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site, is a temple town in Karnataka, known for its narrative ruins, captivating landscapes, unique topography, and the varied experiences it makes possible. This Indian town is rich in  beauty, history, culture, adventure, and stories, making it a favourite among travellers domestically and internationally. It offers a world of novelty...

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